Smart and sustainable learning for professionals. With impact. Learning solutions that actually work. Products that create a difference. Not just for now or a couple of months. But as long as needed. That’s what we deliver.

Easily said, but we actually do it. For example: If emailing a pdf document to all employees delivers the same result as an e-learning module, we urge our client to use the pdf document. It’s the best thing to do for the client. It’s smart.


New professionals long for information about their job, the company and the people they work with. Eager to hop on the riding bus they come to the office in their new shoes and haircut; ready for a new journey.


Whether your job is operating heavy offshore machinery, transporting vegetables, working in a bank or a call center; your knowledge and skills make you a unique professional. We help you to learn the right skills for your job and to learn the rules.


Climbing the ladder or diving into the subject matter; your career can go in various directions. Regardless of the direction, you should hold the steering wheel firmly in your own hands.


We love projects with a bite, clients with guts, and being adventurous. The fine line between smart and cheeky is often crossed - on purpose. When necessary, we take a clever short-cut when everyone else follows the main road. Or we stay on the beaten track where others wander off.

It’s a busy summer and we are still working on our new website. If you would like to know more, please let us know. We’re happy to tell you all about our work.

Altijd Aan

The way we generate and consume gas and especially electricity is rapidly changing. The grid companies are the key stakeholder in this process; their employees need to be trained and informed on these new developments. This is where ‘Altijd aan’ enters the stage. ‘Altijd aan’ literally means ‘always on’. In other words: always ready, always stand-by, always up-to-date.

A Framework for Growth

Ampelmann’s Framework for Growth is a development plan for operators: from new hire to senior. An online platform (operatortraining.ampelmann.nl) bundles all e-learning, simulation, practical training and learning on the job. With this framework Ampelmann continues to deliver a safe transfer between ship and offshore location.

ING PIP CyberSecurity

How do you recognize a phishing email? Which attachments are safe to open? And which are absolutely not safe? Over 50,000 ING employees worldwide should be able to answer these questions. Or at least know where to find the right answer.

Portbase Vessel Notification 2.0

A vessel wants to enter the Rotterdam or Amsterdam harbor. How do you inform to the Harbormaster and Customs about this? By using Portbase’ new Vessel Notification 2.0. It facilitates over one thousand ship agents with their service. An online application training helped all agents to start working with the new service quickly and easily.

  • In just two months’ time we’ve created an e-learning module with the perfect flow. RMMBR created a customized solution, that extended beyond our original question.

    – Elise van Vliet (Portbase)
  • Everybody was enthusiastic about RMMBR’s concept: an innovative design with short and powerful content based on real-life situations.

    - Madelon Trigt-Verdegaal (ING)
  • It looks amazing. It is nice to know that the module remembers where I was while I started the e-learning in the train, then switched off my laptop, and later opened the e-learning at the office.

    - Content Expert Alliander (Altijd Aan)
  • My compliments. It looks beautiful and it is user friendly.

    - Content Expert Stedin (Altijd Aan)