It’s two of us now...
But it could be four.
RMMBR is looking for enthusiastic entrepreneurs that believe in the opportunities of ‘new learning’. People persons with experience... but a fresh mind. Keen to build a new company together with two old hands in the industry that are open for new ideas and visions. Is it YOU we’re looking for?
Send your motivation and an overview of your experience to: >
1 - to recall knowledge from memory; "I clearly remember what I was taught"
2 - to know; to perceive as familiar; "I know these people!"
3 - to store or follow (programmed instructions)
Now that is what it means...
But what is it we do?
We help companies to get the best out of digital learning in the process of training and developing human capital. Simple as that. We use new learning technologies to translate their CONTENT into e-content or redesign existing e-content to simply make it better. Whatever the clients’ situation is, we’re out there to reorganize training structures and CREATE learning material with impact. Not alone though.... Noooo. Rather we collaborate with our clients. Cause we believe in sharing knowledge: making CONNECTIONS and building COMMUNITIES. We call it Collaborative Learning. That’s how we learn... that’s how we RMMBR!
Glad we got that clear.
But what’s in it for you?
The principle of Collaborative Learning allows us to make your employees adapt new skills. Quickly. And to make them apply those skills in their actual working session from the start. We’ll get involved where you got stuck. Or couldn’t improve any further. Our hands-on approach allows for an instant training transfer to the workplace.
We like to think straight forward... no frills. If that’s your way too, but you’re not getting the results you were hoping for: it’s us you need to RMMBR.

Get in touch >... No strings attached!