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‘Altijd Aan’ (Always On) is a learning campaign designed to fully prepare energy company personnel for the energy transition. For the Dutch the energy transition is an important ambition: the move away from fossil fuels towards completely renewable energy sources such as sun and wind energy. Through this learning campaign employees realise what impact the energy transition has on their job; it is a practical approach that prepares them for current affairs as well as the future. The campaign uses cross-media forms, combining online learning with online coaching, a learning platform, events, and several communicative interactions.

The energy world is changing. The first high-impact, tangible signs of a new energy market are already visible: many streets now feature electric car charging outlets, and at IKEA you can spend your free Sunday shopping for solar panels. The energy transition is not a thing of the distant future: it has already been set in motion. Dutch network companies are key players in this transition, which means that employees are facing considerable challenges. Customers are asking different questions, technology is changing (all the time), and networks are getting smarter. The transition demands different competences from network companies and their employees. Employees need to be agile and able to adapt instantly to changing societal demands.


O&O fondsnetwerkenbedrijven together with the network companies is starting a perennial learning campaign called “Altijd aan”.


The main goal of this campaign is to prepare all network company employees for the energy transition, and inform them about the latest developments.

Working professionally


Through this learning campaign employees are made aware of changes that have already started, or will be happening soon, on various levels. Employees become more aware of the transition’s impact, and how it affects their job. This insight leads to more engagement and willingness to act, which results in employees’ increased flexibility and proactive response to their changing environment.

The campaign uses cross-media forms; it combines online learning with online coaching, a learning platform, events, and several communicative interactions. During a set period in time employees are given several learning interventions that connect with and strengthen each other. The interventions keep on surprising and stimulating the target audience, therewith maximising results.

The learning campaign consists of five substantive core themes: renewable energy generation, energy-efficiency, smart grids, renewable mobility, and flexibility. Through engagement with videos, e-learning modules, information resources, Q & A, and team assignments that can be done at work the employee learns that the energy transition is happening now, and that he or she plays a key role in it.




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