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Ampelmann, a high-tech company based in the Netherlands, creates special structures for safe offshore access. The company started in 2007 as a Delft University ‘spinoff’, with at its core the Ampelmann-system: a motion-compensating platform that allows people to cross over from ships to offshore constructions.

These bridges transport people and cargo to offshore locations such as oil platforms or windmills, and require great skill and precision to operate.

For their operators Ampelmann wished to create a new learning environment. The operators spend most of their time at sea, so learning materials need to be accessible via desktop and laptop, anywhere in the world. This would enable operators to enter the training environment during free hours at sea.

Ampelmann’s main reasons for needing this operator e-learning environment:

  • The company is growing fast, and the amount of operators they employ doubles each year.
  • Proper training and development for all operators is essential, and must contribute to the highest level of safety demands and operational standards.
  • Previously used training modules were qualitatively insufficient, and too theory-driven for the target audience. Also, employees’ educational levels varied too much, which meant that trainers lost time teaching basic skills.



Ampelmann wanted to create a flexible, scalable learning solution that enables a quick and efficient introductory experience for new employees. This training would reduce the chance of mistakes made in situations requiring safety and leadership. It should be a learning environment fit for a very hands-on target audience, offering basic skills training that enables all employees to commence the training at the same level.

Working professionally


The learning environment was designed to be accessible by tablet and laptop. The learning pathway consists of the following:

  • a level assessment that tests prior knowledge and determines the operator’s level prior to the training;
  • e-learning modules that help acquire theoretical knowledge;
  • a physical training module during which specific work scenarios are trained;
  • an online simulator that operators can use to practice Ampelmann-operation safely;
  • a learning environment that offers quick and easy access to background information and manuals;
  • a final classroom exam to assess progress.



Working professionally


The impact the learning environment has on operators starts early: in the recruitment phase. The operator starts with the first online training module before they’ve been hired, after which an obligatory assessment follows, to find out what skills they already master. This means that Ampelmann can always hire the right people with the right skills.

The physical training can now commence at a higher level. Because everyone does the same e-learning course prior to the physical part of the training, they can all start at the same level. This means that the trainer can use more complex practical scenarios to work with.

The content was written especially for this target audience, meaning that practical situations are used instead of just the rules, to explain how everything works. For example, colleagues talk about life at sea and share practical tip and tricks. This way, operators feel familiar with the topics they are learning about, and are more able to carry out the procedures they learned during the training.



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