Digital = NOW

New technology and digital solutions are evolving fast. This impacts the world and changes consumers’ and customers’ behavior and expectations. Even though beer is not digital, the way HEINEKEN sources, brews, markets, sells, distributes and manages its products is impacted by digital.

Therefore HEINEKEN needs to step up, needs to keep up.

After all: Digital is Now.


Working professionally


With this setting in mind, RMMBR and HEINEKEN GIS have created a mobile-first digital awareness learning. A first for HEINEKEN. We did this by working together according to the new agile way of working as presented in the mobile learning. This made the users experience the benefits of this new way of working.


The assignments in the mobile learning contributed to collaboration amongst GIS colleagues worldwide, and to user activation. It helped them to think about the consequences digital has for their work, to prepare a pitch, to share best practices, and so on. Gamification elements and a ‘Battle’ was applied to test the user’s knowledge, speed and required iterations. In the battle users could see their scores and ranking compared to others in their region.

Working professionally


The answers given by the users did not only contribute to their own knowledge, but also to their colleagues’ knowledge around the world. Once a user submitted their answer, it was shared with other users as user generated content and functioned as a conversation starter and content for a wiki. Some assignments were shared on the social learning platform (Digital Academy) connected to the mobile learning.


During the course of a learnig track we asked users for input and feedback. This was then implemented into the following tracks of the mobile learning. Users helped decide which elements the next learning track should cover, supplied best practices others could learn from. At the end of each track users reflected on their own capabilities as well as the learning itself.

This feedback was then implemented into the learning, activating users to participate in the creation of the mobile learning. Making them become of the digital transformation called Digital is Now.




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