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At RMMBR we work with passionate and driven hands-on consultants. Each with a different background, but with a shared vision on innovative learning. Together with our clients we make sure employees are supported in their learning and development. We lead the project and keep a close eye on the end goal, in a constructive, collaborative, and sensible way. Continuously searching for possibilities and solutions. It’s our experience that the connection between people and organizations is the foundation for long-lasting solutions.

We learn while working on projects, but we also invest in our own learning. Continuously. Wil you join our team?

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We never walk alone

We believe in co-creation, working together, building in short sprints, agile, so you are always on top of what ever solution we build for you.

We love projects with a bite, clients with guts and being adventurous!
And RMMBR… to learn.

  • My compliments. It looks beautiful and it is user friendly.

    - Content Expert Stedin (Altijd Aan)
  • In just two months’ time we’ve created an e-learning module with the perfect flow. RMMBR created a customized solution, that extended beyond our original question.

    - Elise van Vliet (Portbase)
  • It looks amazing. I like that the elearning module remembered where I left off when I was using it on the train, and then later opened it at the office.

    - Content Expert Alliander (Altijd Aan)


Our added value lies within strategy, concept, didactics, content, solid project management and entrepreneurial spirit.

We work with partners, all specialists within their own domain.

  • Flow design

  • Bert

  • Syca

  • Nerds & company

  • Motion Supply

  • Zcene

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