Curiosity drives learning

New media, educational technology and smart devices help us bring learning to the end user in such a way that it adds value to digital learning experiences. Combined with our vision on learning and expert knowledge of LMS, Scorm & xApi, Authoring tools and custom code, we are able to deliver learning solutions with impact.

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Working professionally

Curiosity drives learning.

If it’s not interesting; if it doesn’t drive you to wonder, imagine or ask questions, then you probably won’t stick with it for very long. Curiosity sparks our minds.

Learning is active and continuous.

Learning is an active process. It involves creating, exploring, asking questions, building, experimenting, discussing, observing, reasoning and trying new things. With everything we do, we learn – continuously. And our smart phone opens even more ways to keep learning. Anywhere, anytime.

Working professionally

Collaboration enhances learning.

Though personalized learning is important for developing strategies, staying motivated, and internalizing concepts, group learning is equally important for deepening learning. When people learn together, they have the advantage of multiple viewpoints.

Others bring their own experiences and ideas to the table when participating in learning activities, such as interpreting, discussing and solving problems. Expanding the way we see things helps us to either challenge our old way of thinking or defend it. In either case, we are gaining a deeper, more complex understanding of the knowledge we already have.

Working professionally

Play is an important part of learning.

When we are playing we are not only having fun, but are integrating knowledge in creative, meaningful ways. While engaging in play we learn to imagine, think critically, try new things, communicate, synthesize information and solve problems.

It stems from a curiosity that inspires us to wonder, explore and stay motivated to keep going.

Knowing yourself helps you learn.

A person with sound self-knowledge is not only more confident, but makes better decisions, builds better relationships and is more successful at setting and reaching goals. They are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. They aren’t afraid to take risks or make mistakes. If they do make a mistake, they learn from it and move on.

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