Your Challenge, our solutions

Your Challenge, Our Solutions…

Challenges are meant to be met and overcome. We help you face them head-on with smart and sustainable learning solutions. And we always work with your best interest in mind.

That’s easy to say, of course, but we actually practice what we preach. If by emailing a PDF with information to all employees you get the same results as using an e-learning module, we will advise you to go with the PDF. It’s the best thing to do. It’s smart.

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Learning and development begins…

…even before someone’s first day at work! During the transition from one working culture to another your new recruits are most eager to learn about their new job. It just so happens they are also more likely to share this with their social network.

Our Pre-Boarding and On-Boarding campaigns engage new hires even before their first day at work. Making sure everyone gets the most out of that crucial time between job offer and day one…


Themes: Pre-boarding, On-Boarding

Bring out the best in your people

Your people are at their best when they are engaged and enthusiastic. Bite-sized content, video’s, virtual reality, games and social media are what they are used to, so why not use it in your learning programmes? Our e-learning solutions turn learning into rich experiences and enhance employee engagement: we bring passion into learning.


Themes: E-learning campaigns, Social learning, VR / Simulations, Gamification

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Add value to necessities.

The use of compliance training is often underestimated. Employees need to be well informed and up-to-date, but both employers and employees could easily get more value for their money. Compliance training also creates chances for behavioural change. It can help stimulate positive attitudes and transform normal practices into best practices. Why keep it boring when it can be inspiring? It is like getting from A to B: you need to take small steps, but why not make it an enjoyable trip while you are at it? We get your people to really think. And whoever keeps thinking, is always one step ahead.

Themes: ComplianceSafety

Working professionally

How do they do their job?

Do your people know all the essentials, the things they have to know, and how to do it? Things like following the right procedures and precesses. Or grasping the in-house IT-systems. Absorbing new product knowledge – for sales or customer support. Whatever they are, the essentials have to be mastered quickly. ASAP. Like yesterday. We help your people get up to speed….Pronto!

Themes: Performance support, Application training

Working professionally

How can they do their job BETTER?

In an ever-changing economy jobs are so much more than routine tasks. New problems and challenges arise unexpected. We all need to think on our feet, solving problems as they come and go. Brilliant ideas must be captured and put to use before they vanish again, and instant access to subject matter experts can make just the difference you need. Some knowledge can be packaged and taught via e-learning. But even more powerful is the wealth of knowledge and expertise from colleagues and peers that can be tapped into using our social learning solutions with collaborative and social media.

Themes: Elearning, Social learning

Working professionally

Learning by doing…

Have you read the manual you that came with your new smart phone? Or did you just Google the instructions or a tutorial when you needed them? Our smart phones give instant access to infinite knowledge. Information is virtually seconds away, at any given moment for everyone, even without internet access.

Performance support is about providing the right tools for the right task on the spot, ‘just in time’, instead of having your people learn beforehand, ‘just in case’…. We believe you should only invest in content that is actually going to be used. Enabling them to do your job – BETTER.

Themes: Performance support, just in time learning, knowledge base

Climbing the ladder

What is your Career Development route? You either take the familiar route with leadership and management skill trainings or you become the subject matter expert. Whatever the route your people take, they will unlock their full potential once they take ownership of their own personal route to success.

Our soft-skill training solutions connect your people with the best coaches and experts from your organization and beyond. Nobody learns effectively when the answers are served up to them on a plate – get more from your people by encouraging them to think for themselves.

Themes: Soft-Skill training, Career development

  • In just two months’ time we’ve created an e-learning module with the perfect flow. RMMBR created a customized solution, that extended beyond our original question.

    - Elise van Vliet (Portbase)
  • My compliments. It looks beautiful and it is user friendly.

    - Content Expert Stedin (Altijd Aan)
  • It looks amazing. I like that the elearning module remembered where I left off when I was using it on the train, and then later opened it at the office.

    - Content Expert Alliander (Altijd Aan)
  • Everybody was enthusiastic about RMMBR’s concept: an innovative design with short and powerful content based on real-life situations.

    - Madelon Trigt-Verdegaal (ING)

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