Digital transformation

Expedition DNA is an initiative designed to provide all 27,000 Arcadians with an opportunity to access the knowledge and develop the skills to become more innovative and digitally-enabled. Expedition DNA creates a digital innovative mindset to help accelerate Arcadis’ digital transformation.

Expedition DNA helps to:

  • Understand the nature of Arcadis’ new competitive environment and why Arcadis has to go through a digital transformation
  • Develop digital capabilities at your own pace and learn how to apply innovation to your daily work
  • Act upon client opportunities in a more effective way
  • Grow Perform and Succeed: building your skills and your CV to meet future needs
  • Become part of the Arcadis global digital community.
Working professionally

Phased approach

The blended program consisted of two phases.

The first phase is an online learning experience called Base Camp; A mobile first digital learning space that aims to establish a common language for digital within the company.

The second phase is a face-to-face experience called DNA Expedition; A recurring offline event where we bring together 75 Arcadis employees from various sectors, regions and levels within the business to focus on skills development.

Exclusivity is reached by a qualification. In order to qualify for the DNA Expedition experience, users first have to walk through the online Base Camp learning experience.

Working professionally


Starting today – and in just 3-5 hours – you will:

  • Understand the nature of our new competitive environment and why Arcadis has to go through a digital transformation
  • Get excited about the digital transformation within Arcadis
  • Understand why the digital transformation is relevant to you, your (internal & external) clients and where you can start

Base Camp is a valuable learning experience in itself. The modules are designed to make digital topics tangible and actionable. Making sure colleagues can start making connections between Arcadis’ high level strategy and their own client work and apply what has been learned about digital essentials.

“Once you have reached Base Camp, we hope you are motivated to apply for an Expedition!”

Working professionally


After reaching Basecamp by completing all digital learnings in the journey, a cohort of 75 participants take part in a four-day face-to-face Expedition. An immersive learning curriculum deepens digital capabilities in one of four skill areas:

  • 1. Customer Experience
  • 2. Data
  • 3. Ecosystems,
  • 4. Platforms.

Arcadians leave the Expedition as digital translators, able to, and with an edict to, articulate the changing digital landscape to colleagues and skilled to develop new opportunities with clients.

Basecamp elements

Base Camp consists of different formats for the most effective experience:

  • It is focused on making people collaborate, learn and take an activate role in the digital transformation.
  • It is an online, mobile-first, training program.
  • A mix of gamification (battles, leaderboards, bonus points), interactive learning formats (questions, videos, animations) and social learning (like other peoples answers, find experts).
  • Training dashboard for employees and managers. See your own ranking and per region.
  • Reflection and activation build in the learnings.


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