Digital Learning Hub

The Digital Learning Hub is the starting point for all learning around the Digital Transformation and New Ways of Working within FrieslandCampina global.

We apply what we train; Design Thinking, Scrum, Agile and Lean. The product and concept is scalable and technically future proof, and grows along with the organizational needs in terms of features and content.

Working like a startup: start small, think big and scale fast.

How? Let us explain…


Working professionally


In the last five years, FrieslandCampina recognized significant change through signals that food, and in particular dairy products, are at the dawn of a significant digital transformation.

In a nutshell, we see that Digital is changing the world people consume in; it changes how often and fast people take diet decisions, nutrition trends vary continuously, and the global availability of choice challenges brand loyalty.

Digital impacts FrieslandCampina in different ways across topics, functions, and departments. Next to this, we recognize the need for a digital learning environment which is easily accessible and facilitates self education around the Digital Transformation.

But how do you do it? How do you do it in a company that is to its bones focused on today, on transaction efficiency and heritage? We turned to a medium that is a symbol for Digital: the mobile app. It allows us to reach almost everyone in our company, as only 50% of our colleagues has a laptop or desktop.

Working professionally

Seeing, feeling and doing

The basis of the app is provided by the ‘Digital essentials’. In this part we inform our colleagues with what we think is essential information to become more digitally savvy. We provide blended trainings through the Mobile Academy and present trends and news via the Daily digital section.

To experience Digital tools and projects we present existing projects and tools in the Digital Labs section – like our meeting room navigation tool, our QR code generator and Augmented Reality functionality.

In the end it will all be about applying the knowledge and experiences into your daily job.

We do this by:

  • showing examples (in essentials and trainings) and asking to share examples;
  • creating and providing a toolkit to help people get started on new ideas and the New Way of Working;
  • challenging people to sent new ideas. The best ideas are selected to be taken through a Design Thinking workshop.
Working professionally


Digital innovations happen faster than ever before. As a working professional it’s hard to keep up-to-date on the latest Digital news and trends. That’s where the Digital Learning Hub comes into play. Every three weeks we bring new content, digital essentials, on IoT, Big Data, BlockChain, Design Thinking, Agile and many more.


Each essential contains a game with five questions. You gain points for nailing the questions, finishing an essential and likes from your colleagues for the answers you gave on open questions, resulting into a personal score. If your score is high enough, you (re-)earn a place in the global leader board.


Your progress in the Digital Learning Hub on all elements is always clear. This insight in personal data combined with the leader board and your global ranking triggers intrinsic motivation to let the user complete the program.

Working professionally

Daily Digital

In Daily Digital you find articles, videos and examples on Digital Innovation, inspiring content from all around the world and from within FrieslandCampina. Every day fresh inspiring content. Part daily content is added via the CMS and another part is provided by AndersPink and pushed straight into the mobile app.

Working professionally

Mobile academy

The Dare to Lead program is one of the blended trainings we offer in the Digital Learning Hub. It focuses on accelerating the impact and development of the high potential talents in FrieslandCampina through a journey with multiple online and offline interventions. We’ve created a digital component around this program to facilitate the learning journey, not only when a physical event or session takes place but continuously.

Working professionally


In four months we achieved the following results:

  • Users from 40 countries around the world (europe, North America, Asia and Africa)
  • Currently >1500 users, 300 new users each month
  • 1000 active users monthly, 350 users weekly, 100 users daily
  • 1500 daily pageviews, with an average fifteen pages per session


In Co-production:


Nominated: Best learning technology project

Best use of Mobile Learning

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