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The Vodafone Business Partner Academy is a fast-paced, HTML5 mobile-first responsive learning environment where Vodafone sales representatives get up to speed about the Vodafone product portfolio.

Through Challenges the Academy determines an employee’s level and then offers a tailored blended program of micro-learnings and classroom training.

As soon as an employee enrolls in a classroom training, the Academy offers a short, but intensive online preparation before the classroom training and an online reflection afterwards. This way the Academy activates prior knowledge as well as cements learning. All to improve the skills of employees and boost sales.

Let us show you how!

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Vodafone has an extensive product portfolio that is being brought to market by a network of Business Partners.

When it comes to prior knowledge, there is a lot of variety within this target audience. What they share however, is a competitive drive and a desire to act.

In the Vodafone Business Partner Academy (BPA) we harnessed these traits to create an adaptive, competitive and blended learning offering that helps employees to boost their sales skills and results.

  • The New Vodafone Academy is well-received, not only by our Business Partners, but also within Vodafone. After initial launch back in April we on-boarded more than 400 Business Partners and Resellers successfully. We’re already working on next steps which include extending the Academy with new propositions and adding operational trainings for support staff as well. Besides that, chances are that we will extend the Academy to VodafoneZiggo direct channels as well.

    - Remco Kers - Business Partner Program Managers VodafoneZiggo

Do the Challenge and start your adaptive learning experience

Vodafone sales people are always on the go: chasing leads and getting a kick out of closing the deal. Some have been at it for years, while others are new to the field of telecommunications or sales in general. Therefore, what employees need in terms of training differs wildly. To cater to this and create an adaptive and personalized learning experience for each employee, we structured the Vodafone BPA around Challenges.

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To begin training in a product specialization, a sales rep from the business partner always starts with a Challenge. This fast-paced quiz tests an employee on the ins and outs of the specialization to test how well they know the products within it.

  • Gamification, fun & incentives
  • Score determines content of the learning path
  • Leader board
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Adaptive learning

The Challenge score determines which microlearnings and classroom trainings will be made available. When they did well, they get less, but more complex microlearnings and will be enrolled in a higher level classroom training than if they did less well.

The Challenges make it possible to provide each employee with an adaptive and personalized learning offering. All aimed at making employees reach their results faster: boosts in their sales skills and results.

  • Challenges (gamification) to determine pre-knowledge
  • Hyper relevant for individual users
  • Personalized learning pathways
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Deepen your knowledge during the training

Learning about the product portfolio is mainly done in the online part of the Vodafone BPA. Employees do short interactive microlearnings in the mobile-first Vodafone BPA, making it easy to learn whenever employees have a spare moment.

They can also battle their colleagues by retaking the Challenges and improving their scores. But learning to actually sell complex telecommunications products can’t be learned from a screen.

That is why skill-based classroom training is integrated within the Vodafone BPA. Based on their experience and Challenge scores, employees can choose from a set of different classroom trainings.

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Data driven learning

  • Learning data used to adapt and change content
  • A-B tests
  • xApi and Learning Record Store (LRS)
  • Dashboards for trainees, businesspartners and Vodafone managers


With the new Vodafone BPA being online for just 2 months so far, already results are being seen within the target audience:

  • On a population of 400 employees, nearly b for the new Vodafone BPA.
  • Of these, 57% have been return visitors. A vast increase over the previous online Academy that saw little to no traffic.
  • Employees appreciate the mobile-first and bite-sized microlearnings as an efficient way to learn.
  • Many users are asking if other target audiences can have access to the content within the Vodafone BPA, so they can benefit as well.


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