Enhancing the Vehicle Hand Over journey


To enhance the driving experience and improve fuel efficiency Volvo asked us to develop a new Vehicle Handover training presented in a mobile game; A hybrid app that truck drivers can use anytime, anywhere.

Content is created for each truck configuration to ensure a hyper relevant learning experience. Micro-learnings, VR experience, leader boards and rich interactive content appeal to the users way of content consumption.

Combining learning- and fleet management data helps Volvo to pinpoint and push learning content in the app that contributes to higher fuel efficiency. A higher fuel efficiency score means a lower carbon footprint and less maintenance costs.

This project was a Bronze Winner in the Learning Technology awards 2018.

Let us explain how we did this!

  • It strengthens the image of the truck, the dealership and ultimately the whole Volvo brand. With the app we support and train the driver to use the truck's full potential.

    - Volvo Trucks
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Volvo Vehicle Handover training

The delivery of a new Volvo truck is a great moment. Both for Volvo and the dealer, but even more so for the owner and especially the driver. He or she is going to spend many hours driving it all across the globe in the years to come.

To help them drive more efficiently and safely as well as delivering a premium brand experience, Volvo Trucks wants to enrich and enhance the Vehicle Handover experience with a companion platform.

A place where dealers, owners and drivers are encouraged to learn more about their truck in a fun, interactive and engaging way.

One app, multiple target audiences

The dealer receives more input on the how and what of the physical VHO. The app supports the physical VHO and the app involves the dealer further on in the ‘onboarding’ process.

The driver gets weekly journeys about different (new) features. With focus on ‘what’s in my truck for me?’ Updates with tips, videos and micro-learnings to improve his understanding of his vehicle.

The fleet owner receives satisfaction data based on input from the driver and he gets informed about additional training opportunities. A dashboard shows the truck drivers improved skills and maps this to the fuel efficiency score in Volvo’s fleet management system.

Supporting the full customer journey

Volvo Trucks are filled with smart technology aimed at driving as safe and fuel efficient as possible. Using it to its full potential might take some getting used to and changing driving behaviour.  That is why we take drivers on a journey spanning several weeks. We don’t want to cognitively overload drivers. We start with the basics and gradually introduce new features.

Not only by showing and telling them this with engaging content, but also by incorporating challenges and incentives to really encourage them to learn and experiment with new behaviour and making it personal.

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Take a ride with us

The Vehicle Handover (VHO) starts even before the driver has his new truck. Using the app a driver can start a first journey by exploring their new truck with the app.

We introduce features in weekly journeys. We have grouped topics that make sense to drivers and how they work. These groups are called skills. Apart from going on the pre-defined journeys, drivers can boost their skills by starting challenges.

The journeys and challenges can be explored with the easy to use navigation. It works similar to apps such as Netflix and YouTube.


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Experience your truck in VR

A VR experience lets the driver explore them outside truck from every angle by flipping around a 3d model of the truck. With a 360 VR video the driver can experience sitting in his new truck. Using a VR headset with a smartphone allows you to experience it in virtual reality.

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A balanced game experience

The concept of this app revolves around learning while playing. There are smart solutions in creating the sense of play within a user, which will greatly benefit the learning process.

The user’s freedom and the rules of the game need to be balanced constantly and can be managed by changing certain parameters that will stimulate the game experience; competition, challenge, chance, roleplay and thrill. By constantly testing and tweaking these parameters throughout the production process, we have created the best balance between learning and playing.

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the core game mechanics

The game revolves around earning points, collecting tips & tricks and winning trophies. You earn points and gain progress by answering questions correctly. The faster you play, the more points you can earn.

When you manage to get 3 correct answers in a row you double your score and collect a useful tip. You win trophies when you’ve reached a certain goal, for instance when your progress on a specific skill is 100%.

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Data driven learning

The truck itself also collects a ton of data through Volvo’s fleet management system called DynaFleetData is collected 4 main indicators such as anticipation of braking, use of engine and transmission, adaptation to speed and idle time. The aggregated score of these 4 main data points is represented in the so called “Fuel Efficiency score”.

The data from the learning app (xApi) and the fleet management system can be stored in one database (LRS) and visualised in dashboards. By combining multiple sets of data, Volvo Trucks can correlate learning scores from the app with fuel efficiency scores and create a benchmarks.

By analysing the learning data, Volvo can pinpoint what learning content contributes to a higher fuel efficiency score. Thus making it possible to adjust, change or push certain content to improve the fuel efficiency score of all truck drivers using the app. A higher fuel efficiency means a lower carbon footprint and lower maintenance costs. A positive impact for the driver and the environment.


App development


Bronze award winner 2018: Best Learning technology project
Nominated: Best learning game & Best use of Mobile Learning

Nominated for Dutch Interactive awards, category Service

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